Sunday, December 5, 2010


ppl i know you dont like others that rant. they just complain. well im honestly going to rant...about my roomate that is controling and she doesnt know when we just cant stand her she just wants things to fo her way. i think that myabe she should move out. or maybe we should leave.i would rather kick her out or something. but anyway just wanted to let everyone know that roomates are not a good idea..especially if they were friends in highschool.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

in a situation

ok s here goes....... although the situation is bad and kinda not worth it i feel bad i really dont know what to do in this situation that im in........................................the really getting ...................................................on my nerves and i neeeedddd help its her birthday and i dont want anyting for her she really is annoying like i have a food and she says that i should give it to her or she will kill me she wont really kill me but she demands that i give it to her anyway she doesnt deserve a birthday party i dont know if im taking it the wrong way but she is a monster and i hope to move out soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010


So today I went to work and that was ok. lots of people lots of buisness....lots of money. Then I come home and find out the following: roomate left for a trip and said that she would leave me money...she didnt. she said she would let me pay 200 out of 585. and i had to pay 390. 190 over what i was supposed to pay. she said that she will charge my friend 5 for four pops that he drank when everyone was drinking them too... so here is my sum of this roomate..... she only wants things to be about her. she put money in for rent and then she started to take out her money for pizza which was really dumb. she only did that because she wanted to make a party cuz everyone was bored. anyway everyone is saying that she should pay me back for the 190 but I dont want her to start running her mouth.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


ok so you pick up your date or get together with friends and decide hey lets go out to eat. when you get there there is usually a hostess whose job it is to seat you with a waitress..... the hostess has to seat you in the order of whoever turn it is. when you get up and move especially when there is a rush of people at the door it messes them up. now they have a group of 12 and they could have used your table to merge two other tables together to make a seating of 12 and they cant do it. they cant take another table from another person because then they get mad at the other waitress and then they both yell at the hostess....which gets the manager involved and then all the other customers get mad because they are waiting to be could be the one waiting... sitting at the big tables that are only for parties of 5 or more is not very smart...people will stare at you...i dont think you want that kind of attention...but if you are like those that dont really care then i can only say that you are not really thinking about how other peoples days are going and how they have to go home and tell their kids that they didnt make enough money to give them food. so congrats to you!


OK so it has come to my attention that I should pass along some information about dinning out places. Ok so here goes..... when dinning out you look at the menu and see the prices for the food..... well you are paying the meal which goes to the company so the company is making money while the waitress or waiter is making $2.00 an hour. they live off of tips which does not pay their bills...making them take second jobs. Now Im not saying that you the reader dont tip Im talking about the high executives who just come in and expect to have excellent service without tipping. Watch the movie called WAITING and comment below on what your views are. like i said i dont know if you tip or not im talking about the people that i see that dont tip. Now onto another topic.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I leave a trail behind me as I enter the house
the feeling of tiresome eyes weighs heavy on my face
I slowly creep
and hope to sleep
for tomorrow I must leave again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

made this and thought I would put it up for sale. $2.00 for the cupcake.